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rajasthan qus

rajasthan qus

1. What of the
first Five Year Plan was introduced in Rajasthan -

(A) 1951

(B) 1955

(C) 1956

(D) 1961

2. Rajasthan was
the first Five Year Plan expenditure amount -

(A) 1498 crore

(B) 54 crore

(C) 102 crore

(D) Rs 6044 crore

3. What
the Second Five Year Plan expenditure was highest in Rajasthan?

irrigation and energy production

(B) Social services

(C) Cooperation and Community Development

(D) education

4. Plan
which was introduced in the Rajasthan Canal built?

(A) first

(B) second

(C) third

(D) IV

5. Plan
which zinc smelter in Rajasthan (Udaipur) and Copper Smelter (Khetri) been

(A) first

(B) second

(C) third

(D) IV

6. Fifth
Five Year Plan, which was spent on 10 per cent in the first

(A) irrigation
and energy

transport and communication

(C) at KVI

(D) education

7. Plan
not to be current at the time of which the first three annual plans were
undertaken from 1966 to 1969?

(A) IV

(B) V

(C) VI

(D) seventh

8. Seventh
Five Year Plan is not related to state the following -

(A) the establishment of cooperative association in Tilm

(B) plan to work thirty-three district Kriyanviti

(C) the declaration of the state's industrial policy

establish Instrrimenteshn Ltd.

9. Tenth Five Year Plan was the term

(A) 2000-2005

(B) 2000-2007

(C) 2001-2006

(D) 1997-2002

10. Primary
and Secondary Education in Bikaner, Rajasthan operates when the

(A) 1948

(B) 1950

(C) 1951

(D) 1981



















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