Area : 83,743
Capital : Itanagar
No.of Districts :13
Population : 1,091,117 (2001)
Growth rate : 26.21% (1991-2001)                       
Density per sq. km :13
Sex ratio : 901 (per 1000 males)
Literacy rate : 54.74%
Males : 64.07%
Females : 44.24%

Principal languages  : Nyishi, Dafla, Miji, Adi Gallong,
Wancho, Tagin Hill Miri, Mishmi, Monpa, Nocte, Alka,
Tangsa and Khampti
Legislature : Unicameral.
Location : Bounded by Bhutan to the West, China to the
North and North-East. Myanmar (Burma) to the East and
the plains of Assam to the South. Arunachal Pradesh is
the home of more than 20 major tribes and acknowledged
to be one of the most splendid, variegated and
multilingual tribal areas of the world
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