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SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam: 2011

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam: 2011


FIRST SITTING (19.06.2011)

Held on:– 19-06-2011
(First Sitting)
Directions:  In questions no.  1  to  9,  select  the
related  letters/word/number  from  the  given
1. CFIL  : ORUX :  : DGJM : ?

2. BEHK  : YVSP : : DGJM : ?

3. 24 : 60 : : 120 : ?
(A) 160 (B) 220
(C) 300 (D) 108

4. 392 : 28 : : 722 : ?
(A) 18 (B) 28
(C) 38 (D) 48

5. 123 : 36 : : 221 : ?
(A) 52 (B) 69
(C) 72 (D) 25

6. Timid : Ass : : Cunning : ?
(A) Ant (B) Fox
(C) Rabbit (D) Horse

7. Ecstasy : Gloom : : ?
(A) Congratulations  : Occasion
(B) Diligent : Successful
(C) Measure : Scale
(D) Humiliation  : Exaltation

8. Architect : Building : : Sculptor : ?
(A) Museum (B) Stone
(C) Chisel (D) Statue

9. MKQO : LNPR  :  : ? : XVTZ

Directions: In question no. 10 to 15, find the odd
number  /  letters  / word  from  the  given

10. (A) PQXZ (B) BCQN

11. (A) ABYZ (B) CDWX

12. (A) 626 (B) 841
(C) 962 (D) 1090

13. (A) 5720 (B) 6710
(C) 2640 (D) 4270

14. (A) Swimming (B) Sailing
(C) Diving (D) Driving

15. (A) Perception (B) Discernment
(C) Penetration (D) Insinuation

Directions: In question no. 16, from among the
given alternatives select the one in which the set
of numbers is most like the set of number given
in the question.
Given Set: (4, 25, 81)

16. (A) (4, 36, 79) (B) (9, 48, 81)
(C) (16, 64, 100) (D) (9, 49, 143)

17. In the following question, number of letters
are skipped in between by a particular rule.
Which of the following series observe the
Directions: In question no. 18, which one of the
given responses would be a meaningful order of
the following?

18. 1. Ocean 2.Rivulet 3. Sea
4. Glacier 5.River
(A) 5, 2, 3, 1, 4 (B) 4, 2, 5, 3, 1
(C) 5, 2, 3, 4, 1 (D) 4, 2, 1, 3, 5
Directions: Arrange the following words as per
order in the dictionary.

19. 1. Preposition 2. Preparatively
3. Preposterous 4. Preponderate
5. Prepossess
(A) 2, 4, 1, 5, 3 (B) 1, 5, 2, 4, 3
(C) 5, 4, 2, 3, 1 (D) 4, 2, 5, 1, 3

20. Which one set of letters when sequentially
placed at the gaps in the given letter series
shall complete it?
(A) acbcc (B) aacbc
(C) babbb (D) bcbba
Directions: In questions no. 21 to 24, a series is
given, with one/two term(s) missing. Choose the
correct alternative

21. _ ?_, DREQ, GUHT, JXKW

22. 56, 90, 132, 184, 218, ___?__
(A) 368 (B) 316
(C) 362 (D) 326

23. 0, 4, 8, 24, 64, 176, __?__
(A) 180 (B) 480
(C) 280 (D) 300

24. WTPMIFB   ?_     _?__
(A) ZV (B) XU
(C) YU (D) YV

25. Mrs.  Susheela  celebrated  her wedding
annivers ary on T ue s day , 30th  September
1997. When will  she  celebrate  her  next
wedding anniversary on the same day?
(A) 30 September 2003
(B) 30 September 2004
(C) 30 September 2002
(D) 30 October 2003

26. A clock gains  five minutes every hour. What
will be the angle traversed by the second
hand in one minute?
(A) 360o (B) 360.5o
(C) 390o (D) 380o

27. B  is twice as old as A but  twice younger than
F. C is half the age of A but is twice older
than D. Who is the second oldest?
(A)B (B)F
(C)D (D)C

28. A  two member committee comprising of one
male  and  one  female member  is  to  be
constituted  out  of  five male  and  three
females. Amongst the  females, Ms. A refuses
to be a member of the committee in which
Mr. B is taken as  the member. In how many
different  way  can  the  committee  be
(A) 11 (B) 12
(C) 13 (D) 14

29. Find the wrong number in the series.
6, 12, 21, 32, 45, 60
(A)6 (B) 12
(C) 21 (D) 32

30. Ramesh ranks 13th in a class of 33 students.
There are 5 students below Suresh rankwise.
How many  students  are  there  between
Ramesh and Suresh?
(A) 12 (B) 14
(C) 15 (D) 16

31. Naresh’s age is 4 years less than twice the
age of his brother. Which of the following
represents the equation to  find his age?
(A) 2x + 4 (B) 4x + 2
(C) x – 4 (D) 2x – 4

32. Suresh’s sister is the wife of Ram. Ram is
Rani’s  brother Ram’s  father  is Madhur.
Sheetal is Rams’s grandmother. Reema is
Sheetal’s daughter-in-law. Rohit  is Rani’s
brother’s son. Who  is Rohit to Suresh?
(A) Brother-in-law (B) Son
(C) Brother (D) Nephew

33. In a survey, 70% of  those surveyed owned a
car and 75% of  those surveyed owned a TV.
If 55% owned both a car and a TV. What
percent of those  surveyed did not own either
a car or a TV?
(A) 25% (B) 20%
(C) 10% (D) 5%

34. If DANCE is coded as GXQZH, then how
will RIGHT be coded?

35. If LOSS is coded as 1357 and GAIN is coded
as 2468, what do  the  figures 84615 stand

36. A  statement  is  given  followed  by  four
alternative arguments. Select the alternative
which is most appropriate.
Is it necessary  that education should be job
I. Yes, the aim of education is to prepare
persons for earning.
II. Yes, educated person should stand on
his  own  feet  after  completion  of
III. No,  education  should  be  for  sake  of
knowledge only.
IV . No, one may take up agriculture where
education is not necessary.
(A) Only I and II arguments are strong
(B) Only III and IV arguments are strong
(C) Only I arguments is strong
(D) Only I and III arguments are strong

37. A man started walking West. He turns right,
then  right  again  and  finally  turns  left.
Towards which  direction was  he walks
(A) North (B) South
(C) West (D) East

38. Sudha travels 8 km to the South. Then 8 km
turns  to  the right and walks 4 km. The again
she  turns  to  her  right  and moves  8  km
forward. How many km away is the from
alerting point?
(A)7 (B)6
(C)1 (D)8

39. From  the given alternatives words, select  the
words which cannot be formed using the
letters of the given word:

40. From  the given alternatives words, select  the
word which can be formed using the letter
of  the given word
Directions: In questions no. 41 and 42, select the
missing number from the given responses

46. I have a  few  fruits to be distributed. If I keep
6 in each pack, I am left with five fruits. If I
keep three in each pack I am  left with two. If
I keep 5 in each I am  left with none. What is
the minimum number of  fruits I have, to pack
and distribute?
(A) 30 (B) 35
(C) 25 (D) 32

47. Select  the letters  that complete  the first word
and  begin  the  second  from  the  given
(A) IL (B) SH
(C)P (D) IN

48. There are 50 children in a class 4% of them
have no uniform. In the remaining 96%, 1/
3rd children are wearing only one part of  the
uniform. Remaining  children  have  full
uniform. How many  are wearing  full
(A) 26 (B) 32
(C) 34 (D) 30

49. Five poples are standing in a row. M is on
the left of N, O is on the right of P which is
on the right of N. If L is on the  left of M,
which pole is in the centre?
(A)L (B)M
(C)N (D)O

50. Five books are lying in a pile E is lying on A
and C is lying under B. A is lying above B
and D  is lying under C. Which book  is lying
at the bottom?
(A)A (B)B
(C)C (D)D

      part - b

51. In the budget for 2011-12, the fiscal deficit
(% of GDP) for 2011-12 has been projected at
(A) 5.1 (B) 5.0
(C) 4.6 (D) 3.4
52. Which was described by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
as the ‘heart and soul’ of the Constitution?
(A) Right to Equality
(B) Right against Exploitation
(C) Right to Constitutional Remedies
(D) Right  to Freedom of Religion
53. Which  is  not  the  concern  of  the  local
(A) Public Health (B) Sanitation
(C) Law and Order
(D) Public Utility Services
54. In India, the concept-of single citizenship  is
adopted  from
(A) England (B) U.S.A.
(C) Canada (D) France
55. Who had proposed partyless democracy  in
(A) Jaya Prakash Narayan
(B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) Vinoda Bhave
(D) S.A. Dange
56. Disinvestment in Public Sector is called
(A) Liberalisation (B) Globalisation
(C) Industrialisation(D) Privatization
57. Darwin finches refers to a group of
(A) Fishes (B) Lizards
(C) Birds (D) Amphibians
58. An individual’s actual  landward of living
can be assessed by
(A) Gross National Income
(B) Net National Income
(C) Per Capita Income
(D) Disposable Personal Income

59. As announced by the Finance Minister in
his Budget speech on 28th February 2011,
with a view to assist State in modernising
their stamp and registration administration,
E-stamping is expected to be rolled out in
all  the districts of different States  in a period
(A) one year (B) two years
(C) three years (D) five years
60. Which  Sikh  Guru  called  himself  the
‘Sacheha Badshah’?
(A) Guru Gobind Singh
(B) Guru Hargovind
(C) Guru Tegh Bahadur
(D) Guru Arjan Dev
61. The Civil Disobedience Movement was
launched by Mahatma Gandhi in
(A) 1928 (B) 1930
(C) 1931 (D) 1922
62. What is the maximum strength prescribed
for State Legislative Assemblies?
(A) 350 (B) 600
(C) 500 (D) 750
63. Fa-hien visited India during the reign of
(A) Chandrahupta II(B) Samudragupta
(C) Ramagupta (D) Kumaragupta
64. At which place in Bengal was  the East India
Company given permission  to  trade and
build a factory by the Mughals in 1651?
(A) Calcutta (B) Cassim Bazar
(C) Singpur (D) Burdwan
65. Diu is an island off
(A) Daman (B) Goa
(C) Gujarat (D) Maharashtra
66. Which from the following is a land for sea?
(A) Red Sea (B) Timor Sea
(C) North Sea (D) Arab Sea

67. Shivasamudram Falls is  found in the course
(A) Krishna (B) Godavari
(C) Cauvery (D) Mahanadi
68. Who gave  the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”?
(A) Chandrashekhar Azad
(B) Subhash Chandra Bose
(C) Bhagat Singh (D) Iqbal
69. The position of India Railways network the
world is
(A) second (B) third
(C) fourth (D) fifth
70. The oldest international airline is
(A) Dutch KLM (B) Air Canada
(C) Qantas Railways
(D) Air Sahara
71. Neutrons  to  control  the  chain  reaction
during nuclear fission?
(A) Boron (B) Heavy water
(C) Uranium (D) Plutonium
72. Hydrogen bomb is based on  the principle of
(A) controlled  fission reaction
(B) uncontrolled fission reaction
(C) controlled fusion reaction
(D) uncontrolled fusion reaction
73. Troposphere  is  the  hottest  part  of  the
atmosphere because
(A) it is closest to the Sun
(B) there are charged particles in it
(C) it is heated by the Earth’s surface
(D) heat is generated in it
74. The outermost layer of the Sun is called
(A) Chromosphere
(B) Photosphere
(C) Corona
(D) Lithosphere
75. Where was India’s  first computer installed?
(A) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
(B) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
(C) Indian Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Burnpur
(D) Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
76. The dried flower birds are used as a sprit
(A) Cardamom (B) Cinnamon
(C) Cloves (D) Saffron
77. The tissue in man where  to cell dives occurs
after birth is
(A) skeletal (B) nerves
(C) connective (D) germinal
 78. DNA fingerprinting is used to identify the
(A) Parents (B) Rapist
(C) Thieves (D) All  the above
79. The normal cholesterol  level in human body
(A) 80-120 mg% (B) 120-140mg%
(C) 140-180mg% (D) 180-200mg%
80. Which  of  the  following  are warm-blood
(B) Whale sharks
(C) Alytes
(D) Draco
81. Syrinx is the voice box in
(A) Amphibians (B) Reptiles
(C) Birds (D) Mammals
82.  The largest ecosystem of the Earth is
(A) Biome (B) Hydrosphere
(C) Lithosphere
93. Who invested penicillin?
(A) Alexander Fleming
(B) Louis Pasteur (C) Dreser
(D) Edward  Jenner
94. 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in
(A) Russia (B) Qatar
(C) France (D) Netherlands
95. Who  is   the   following was not the recipient
of Nobel Prize in Economics 2010?
(A) Peter A. Diamond
(B) Christopher Pissarides
(C) Luis Xiaobo
(D) Dale Mortensen
96. Which troubled model was recalled recently
by  the  Indian  automobile  giant Maruti Suzuki  
for replacement of  faulty fuel pump
(A) Maruti 800 (B) Maruti A-Star
(C) Wagon R (D) Baleno
97. What  is  the  commonly  used  part  for
measuring the speed of data  transmission?
(A) Mega Hertz
(B) Character per seconds
97. As a part of Human Resource Development
Ministry’s  ‘brain gain’ policy  to attract global
talent, 14 world class universities to attract
global talent are proposed to be set up in
various  states. Name  the  state  from  the
following where  no  university  of  the
aforesaid  type is proposed to be located.
(A) Punjab (B) Bihar
(C) Rajasthan (D) Uttaranchal
98. Who discovered South Pole?
(A) Robert Peary (B) Amundsen
(C) John Cabot (D) Tasman
99. Which  of  the  following  folk  dances  is
associated with Rajasthan?
(A) Rauf (B) Jora
(C) Veedhi (D) Suisim
100. Which of the following books is authored
by V.S. Naipaul?
(A) The Rediscovery of India
(B) A House of Mr. Biswas
(C) Witness the Night
(D) Tender Hookz