Friday, January 13, 2012


Acoustics : The study of sound and sound

Agrostology : The study of grasses

Anatomy : The science of the structure study of the animal / human body learnt by dissection

Astronautics : A science dealing with space travel & space vehicles

Astronomy : The science of heavenly bodies (planets)

Biology : The science of living organisms

Botany : The science of the plant kingdom

Bryology : The study of mosses

Cardiology : A branch of medicine dealing
with heart

Chemistry : The study of elements, their behaviour and laws of their combination, etc.

Cosmetology : The study of cosmetics and their use

Dactylogy : The study of fingerprints

Dietetics : The science of diet and nutrition

Endocrinology : The study of glands

Lithology : The study of the characteristics
of rocks

Mycology : Concerned with fungi and
fungal diseases

Nephrology : A branch of medicine dealing
with kidney diseases

Oncology : Study dealing with tumours

Orology : The study of mountains

Paediatrics : A branch of medicine dealing with child diseases

Pathology : A branch of medicine that deals with etiologies, mechanisms and manifestation of diseases

Psychiatry : The study & treatment of mental & emotional disorders

Radiology : A branch of medical science dealing with the use of x-rays for diagnosis and treatment

Rheumatology : The study of small joints in human body

Seismology : The study of earthquakes & related phenomena

Theology : The study of religions Virology : The science that deals with

Zoology : A branch of biology that deals with animal life

Zymology : A study that deals with the process of fermentation.