Monday, April 23, 2012

CBSE Junior Assistant and Assistant Screening Test 2012 EXAM PAPER

CBSE Junior Assistant and Assistant Screening Test 2012 EXAM PAPER

1. ‘sting operation’ is a term associated with
(a)            medical science
(b)            journalism
(c)             sports
(d)            police investigations
2. The shrine called ‘harmandar saheb’ is located in/at
(a)            himachal Pradesh
(b)            hemkund sahib
(c)             Amritsar
(d)            Lahore

3.  Sachin tendulkar scored his 100th century on the ground of
(a)            mirpur
(b)            midnapur
(c)             barrackpur
(d)            Dhaka

4. Which among the following is not a natural disaster ?
(a)            earthquake
(b)            volcanic eruption
(c)             population explosion
(d)            flood

5.   Which of the following divides the boundaries between sri lanka and india ?
(a)            Arabian sea
(b)            bay of bengal
(c)             palk strait
(d)            Indian ocean

6. The famous sun temple near the bay of Bengal is called

(a)            jagannath temple
(b)            konark temple
(c)             khajuraho temple
(d)            mahabalipuram temple

7.    The national anthem of india was written by
(a)            mahatma gandhi
(b)            bankim Chandra chatterjee
(c)             subhash Chandra bose
(d)            rabindranath tegore

8.      The tehri dam is constructed on the river
(a)            alaknanda
(b)            mandakini
(c)             bhagirathi
(d)            ganga

9.  The lead role in the film ‘kahaani’ is performed by
(a)            Katrina kaif
(b)            vidya balan
(c)             priyanka chopra
(d)            kareena kapoor

10. Who among the following is also the vice-president of india ?
(a)            the chief justice of india
(b)            the lieutenant governor of delhi
(c)             the speaker of lok sabha
(d)            the chairman of rajya sabha

11.  The expanded form of the abbreviation CAG is
(a)            chief accountant general
(b)            controller and accountant general
(c)             comptroller and auditor general
(d)            chartered accountant general

12. The new year day of parsi community in india is called
(a)            ugudi
(b)            pratipada
(c)             chaiti chand
(d)            navroz

13.  What is not mentioned in the preamble of our constitution?
(a)            Sovereignty
(b)            Secularism
(c)             Democracy
(d)            Nonalignment

14.   A famous folk dance form of kerala is
(a)            onam
(b)            pongal
(c)             mohiniattam
(d)            kalaripayattu

15. Which among the following books was not written by kalidasa?
(a)            shakuntalam
(b)            meghadutam
(c)             panchatantram
(d)            kumarasambhavam

पुरा पेपर डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें -  गणित , अंग्रेजी और सामान्य ज्ञान